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Kern Has Coffee, a coffee-roasting venture in Shreveport, Louisiana, brings the finest quality coffees from all over the world to your cup. We roast our beans locally and in small batches. You'll enjoy our coffee the way it was meant to be, with freshness, expert skill, and abiding passion in every bag.

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We Brew A World Class Cup

I am a man on a mission. From my home near Shreveport, Louisiana, I've embarked on a personal quest to bring the most interesting flavors and profiles of coffee the world has to offer to as many of my friends and neighbors as I can. I roast in small batches, on equipment that I maintain, and with a technique that took a while to get right. The results are great beans, roasted to maximize their best qualities. And I'll hand deliver your custom coffee order to your door.

Quality Matters

Quality is more than just an idea, it's an expression of the care and craftsmanship that goes into how beans are roasted. The difference is in the taste. Good coffee is an enlightenment.

Appreciate Simple

A great coffee is simple, in that one should be able to enjoy a cup without adding sugar, milk, or flavors. Go ahead if you must, but first, try to give a properly roasted, undressed brew a chance.

Share Passion

You don't have to yell it from the roof tops. Just introduce a friend or two to the pleasures of an expertly crafted, locally made product, whether it's coffee or whatever else. I, your friend, and the planet will thank you.

Making The Magic

Yeah ok it's not really magic, but there is a methodology to discovering, sourcing, acquiring, and roasting good coffee. Here are the basics in a nutshell.


I'll hear or read about a great coffee crop in some part of the world and talk to my suppliers about getting it.


I try to confirm the availability, the quality, and a few other important markers before making the order.


Freshness is crucial, so getting smaller quantities of beans shipped to me quickly costs a bit more, but it's worth it.


Here's the fun part! Now I take the beans to my secret lab to find the optimal roasting technique for each variety of bean.


Who I AM

North Louisiana is home. I chose to stay and raise a family and start my business in this area because of what it offers. I began roasting coffee after spending way too much time in coffee shops and being curious about what makes a great cup of coffee. One of my friends who roasts gave me a small homemade roaster, and I was immediately hooked. I learned all about the process through research and experimenting with a variety of beans. After roasting small amounts for family and friends, word began to spread that I had good coffee, and I was invited to sell coffee at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair. But I needed a bigger roaster and a lot of other equipment to pull it off. With some awesome friends and a lot of luck, I found a suitable roaster, a grinder, and a brewer, all in a matter of a few weeks. The response from customers was tremendous! Since then, I have been roasting and brewing coffee for the good people of this area. I hope you will also give my coffee a chance and discover a coffee experience so great that you'll want to share it with others.

I want to change
how you drink coffee


Have a sneak peek inside the secret lab. My set up is humble but I am proud of the results.


More Than Just A Roaster

Roasting great coffee is one part of the equation. The other part is making that coffee appear in your cup. Since our current technology hasn't yet developed a transporter capable of instant materialization, I must rely on simpler methods to provide you with the coffee you need.


The easiest way to receive the latest roasts is via direct delivery. At the beginning of each week, I will post a menu of the coffees I'm going to roast. Simply send in your order via the website, Facebook page, email, or text, along with a way to best contact you by the middle of the week. I will roast your coffee and have it ready to deliver by the weekend. I'll contact you to arrange delivery and then deliver it to you directly, most likely on Saturday. It's that simple!


As an added service, I offer label customizations for coffee that you may want to give as gifts or promotions from your business or organization. Contact me to discuss the design of your custom label, and I will send you a quote for the order. Together, we will make it happen, and your recipients will be delighted with a stellar bag of coffee.


Do you have an event coming up that requires great coffee? I can make that happen, too! Simply contact me with the details of your event and what you need to entertain those in attendance. I can provide the coffee you need and set up a brewing station for you to operate, or I can be there in person to brew coffee for your guests. Whether you need hot coffee, iced coffees, homemade syrups with flavors you choose, or homemade biscotti, I can accommodate the needs of your event. Contact me to discuss your event, be it a wedding, birthday party, or block party. Make your event one to remember with great coffee service.

Pop-ups &
Farmer's markets

I have made a name for my coffee by setting up my coffee booth (with much help from my family and friends) at the Shreveport Farmers Market and serving coffee and iced drinks directly to the public. In fact, my coffee booth made its first appearance at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair back in the spring of 2011. Come by and see us at the Shreveport Farmers Market this summer, and I'll keep you posted on where you can find our booth via this website.

Drink More Coffee
But Not Too Much
Sleep is Good Also
Decaf is Okay
Also, Drink Water

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We Make Our Customers Happy

Check out the coffee offerings of the week, email us your order, and I'll hand delivery your coffee to your door. Each week or so, I'll post what coffees I'm roasting this week, and what roast levels (City, Vienna, French, etc.) will be available. Once I have your contact information and order, I'll drive to you over the weekend and give you your coffee, cash on delivery. Of course, tips are always welcomed. We make it simple for you to enjoy Kern Has Coffee.

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KHC French Roast Blend

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Available on Request.

Please send in your order by Friday 5PM via FB page, email, text, or phone call. Or, fill out the form below in the CONTACT section. All coffees are $15 per pound, due upon delivery. Thanks, everyone!.

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